Kneipp therapy

Regional wellness program instead of traditional wellness treatments. Kneipp therapy is built on five principles: Water – Nutrition – Movement – Herbs – Life Structure. The water treatments activate the circulation of blood and thus boost your entire organism.

You can easily reach the Kneipp facility in Truden from our hotel in just 10 minutes. Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our facility is surrounded by mighty larch trees and nestled seamlessly in the landscape. A rustic picket fence gives the water world the flair of a relaxation and recreational oasis so that your mind and body can benefit from the healing powers of the water employed in this alternative therapy.

Just sit back and relax.

For example on a bench along a forest path where you can relax in the sunshine and enjoy the incredible view of the landscape with its meadows and mountains. Relax amidst the scent of the forest.


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