The Trudnerhorn Nature Park

You can admire breathtaking vistas in the beautiful hiking area of the Trudner Horn Nature Park. Experience the landscape with all of your senses… Recharge your spiritual batteries… Forget your day-to-day worries. Come and experience it for yourself!

The sleepy mountain village of Truden / Trodena is a true oasis for vacationers seeking peace and quiet. The hiking area of the Trudner Horn Nature Park is situated in the sunny south of South Tyrol – it’s the ideal holiday destination if you want to spend the most-wonderful days of the year amidst an unspoilt natural paradise. In the Trudner Horn Nature Park, primeval forests, verdant alpine meadows, impressive mountains, and colorful wildflowers will cast their spell over you.

Far from the hectic problems of everyday life, amidst the pristine natural landscape of the Trudner Horn Nature Parks, lies the idyllic alpine village of Truden / Trodena. And the Hotel Trudnerhof is located in this beautiful hiking area.

The E5 European Long-Distance Hiking Trail

The appeal of this part of the E5 is to be seen in the changing landscapes and vegetation zones – especially within the Alps, with its rapid shift from valley floor to summit. Our hotel is a popular midway rest-stop for long-distance hikers taking the E5. Come and make a pause… Refresh yourself… Before resuming your journey…


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